Tom is brutally honest and extremely knowledgeable of the real estate market. He is an independent thinker… not like other Realtors. No illusions… no restrictions…just results. This was the smoothest real estate transaction I have ever seen.

Robin and Jeff Phillips

I tell people I refer to Tom I’ve known him for a long time. My experience with him and how it was different from all other real estate people is that he has high integrity, is down to earth, stays calm, and he is always one step ahead. I tell people they should work with Tom because they won’t find any better. It’s all the little extras he does… because you can and cares.

Cheryl Dean

Tom is thoughtful, practical relaxed and experienced. His contractor experience is so valuable.

Neill Masterson

Tom is experienced, knowledgeable, thorough and creative. He lays out far more options than anyone else.

Allan Smirni

Tom is fair and honest. His clients are like family.

Vince Ippolito

Knowledgeable and Integrity… Everybody says that, but Tom has it.

Theresa Bradley

Tom’s difference is his multiple disciplines that set him apart from other Realtors. Qualifications like Chair, Board of Building Permit Appeals San Mateo County… past CEO Realtors Association… MBA and Broker’s License… He has invested, managed and remodeled residential real estate for 30+ Years. This gives Tom a depth of market knowledge well above his peers.

Lon Hanke

Tom pulls rabbits and magic out of a hat. He has the education and experience to see solutions others can’t see. He does things others can’t do and he’s great at crisis management.

Bobbe Heizman